Dump of The Frentwood PD Hack

Here’s the story, for those that missed it:

FRIENDSWOOD — An online group known as Anonymous claims to have illegally hacked into the email accounts of more than two dozen Texas law enforcement agencies or officials.

The group posted hundreds of emails online including racially insensitive emails sent to Friendswood Police Chief, Robert Wieners.

There are plenty of articles from traditional media that read more-or-less just like that. Unfortunately, most journalists seem hesitant to post the insensitive material itself for some reason, and the rest of us are left to place our trust in the judgment of the journalists. That’s silly. Any journalist that located the dump should be posting links to it directly so that informed readers can come to their own conclusions, and any journalist that hasn’t located it shouldn’t be writing about it. Well, here’s a link to the full data dump – decide for yourself if this is all merely innocent ‘shop talk’ that can be expected from anyone working in a high-stress environment, or if it was to far.

Dump of The Frentwood PD Hack