Rebels Counterattack, Capture Ras Lanuf

(This is reposted content from yesterday, originally posted on Facebook.)

After their Victorious defense of Brega on the 2nd that included downing a modern French-built fighter jet flown by Government forces, brave Rebels that now have tanks and indirect fire weapons are advancing on Ras Lanuf — the city where Government troops retreated to after their loss at Brega, and one of the final Government holdouts far from Tripoli.

I believe that the Government unit in question is the one that formerly guarded the Libyan nuclear weapon research facility.


Image Credit: Spiegel

A feature of the Battle of Brega worth noting is brave townspeople, mostly women, running out into the open through mortar and artillery fire to bring pasta and water to Rebel forces and bringing wounded back.

By contrast, Government forces used human shields.

Rebels Counterattack, Capture Ras Lanuf

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